Ancient Healing Yoga Retreat Techniques To Unite Mind, Body and Soul

Dipendra Bhatt



Since childhood I have seen my home as a center of spiritual talks. My grandpa wanted to be a jogi (yogi). Due to guru's advice to continue householder life, he could not. But he lived like a householder yogi. I was eager to receive command from him to serve the travelers passing by our home to India. I had seen him calling the unknown strangers and offer them water, tea, refreshment and food. I always found him in a state of bliss. More blissful when he could serve others. He was a hero to me. I really had a deep love and respect for him. I used to copy him doing pranayama in lotus pose and other asanas. My uncle was my second teacher for Yoga. He was really strict then to make us do difficult asanas.


The life passed by. Everybody was planning their future carrier. But I could not decide even after my MBA. We started calling Guru from India to do Yoga camps. My friend, Neeraj, did Ayurveda while Yoga was my job. In the meantime, Swami Ramdev who was responsible to create public awareness came to Kathmandu, we joined him. I worked as a volunteer (Secretory to central Committee of PYP) for 10 years teaching his style of yoga throughout Nepal. We succeeded forming Yoga Committees in all the 75 districts of Nepal.   


I was awarded a scholarship for Masters degree in Yoga Science, from Haridwar, India (2012-2014) against my service. Also, I had to work for the Department of Research on Yoga Philosophy. I was responsible for providing data of ancient Yoga scriptures from Department of Archaeology, Kathmandu. That really helped me understand Yoga better. I always wanted to be a Yogi and here I am. Om